Couples Therapy

“It is a joy to be hidden, and disaster not to be found.”

― D.W. Winnicott

Our intimate relationships
can be the source
of our greatest joy
and the space in which
we confront
our deepest fears and


Along the way, every couple experiences relationship challenges and conflict. Couples may seek therapy when struggling with a particular conflict or disruptive event, or after long periods of distress. Couples often arrive at therapy when they have become disconnected from one another, and the relationship no longer feels like a safe, nurturing space.

Through the use of an emotionally focused approach, I help couples develop an awareness of destructive patterns, reconnect with one another, strengthen their relationship and heal from emotional pain. Extensive research on Dr. Sue Johnson’s Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT) has demonstrated the effectiveness of this approach. Following EFT, 90% of couples report improvement in their relationship. Couples report that their bond has been restored 75% of the time, and that the changes created through therapy endure over time.

The process of emotionally-focused couple therapy addresses the core emotional experience of each partner, while helping both partners change painful, negative cycles of interaction.

With an emphasis on promoting safe attachment, EFT is a powerful process that deepens a couple’s emotional bond, restores intimacy, and creates secure connection. When couples learn how to comfort and reassure one another, they are increasingly able to resolve differences independently. Fear and helplessness are gradually replaced with trust, mutual accessibility and responsiveness. The process of EFT allows couples to see themselves and each another in a new light, learn how to comfort and be comforted, and move from isolation to safe connection.

In Couples Therapy, I can help you:

  • Change patterns of chronic conflict and fighting
  • Navigate the pain of infidelity
  • Heal from traumatic experiences
  • Increase intimacy, trust and safe connection
  • Enhance communication
  • Deepen your sexual relationship
  • Improve relationship success

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